Saint Rita Catholic Church

Saint Rita, come to my aid! Beautiful rose born from the Savior’s thorns, Lead me far from anger and hate; Guide my heart on peaceful paths with charity to all.

Since 1914, our parish has served the spiritual needs of this Alexandria, Virginia, community. Please join us, as together we worship God and grow in love for one another under the protection of our patroness, Saint Rita of Cascia.


IMAGE | The Letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians (3/5 Easter Cycle), TLM & Vocation Editor’s Collection.  Dear Family and Friends of St. Rita,  HE is almost here! If you want HIM to stay, you know what to do…  Pax vobis (Peace be to you),  TLM & Vocations Editor of St. Rita  P.S. There is one (1) more week left before “the Paschal Candle, figure of the risen Christ, is extinguished; it is removed after all the Masses.” (RCDM ’62)

IMAGE | The Letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians (3/5 Easter Cycle), TLM & Vocation Editor’s Collection.

Dear Family and Friends of St. Rita,

HE is almost here! If you want HIM to stay, you know what to do…

Pax vobis (Peace be to you),

TLM & Vocations Editor of St. Rita

P.S. There is one (1) more week left before “the Paschal Candle, figure of the risen Christ, is extinguished; it is removed after all the Masses.” (RCDM ’62)


Pray to the Lord of the Harvest / Oraciones por las Vocaciones | Heavenly Father, Lord of the Harvest, call forth vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life from our diocese and our families. Inspire men to imitate Christ the Eternal High Priest in sacrificial service to Your Church. Move the hearts of men and women to offer themselves wholly to You in poverty, chastity, and obedience. Send them as laborers for Your harvest. Inspire the faithful to support them with prayer and sacrifice. Raise up holy families who foster openness to Your call. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. Mary Immaculate, pray for us. St. Thomas More, pray for us. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us. 


PHOTOGRAPHY POSTED ON WEBSITE | All submissions must be approved by the Pastor ( & TLM & Vocations Editor of St. Rita ( |

  • PARISH | (Note: All Masses, Adorations, Weddings and Baptisms are open to the public) | No flash photography permitted | ALL photographers must have approval from the Pastor prior to taking photos. Please include names and contacts of all clergy, religious and laity, especially parents and children. ALL photos will be edited/declined by the TLM Vocations Editor of St Rita as necessary. Parish Clergy/religious and visiting clergy/religious (ex. Diocesan - Parish Clergy/Religious hosted events) may decline photography as needed. | NEW RULES will be posted here as needed!

    • MASSES & ADORATION | All clergy/altar servers/laity (except babies/toddlers) must be facing East towards the Eucharist/Tabernacle/Crucifix. Side profile views permitted with clergy, religious & altar servers.

    • DIVINE OFFICE / LITURGY OF THE HOURS | All clergy/altar servers/laity (except babies/toddlers) must face East towards the Eucharist/Tabernacle/Crucifix. Side profile views permitted with clergy, religious & altar servers.

    • PROCESSIONS | All Solemnity/Feast procession photos are welcome.

    • WEDDINGS | (The Groom/Bride must be parishioners. Guests in the photographs need not be parishioners) All photos must have approval from the Pastor, Groom (Man) and Bride (Woman) prior to taking photos and submission to the TLM & Vocations Editor of St. Rita.

    • BAPTISMS | (Parents must be parishioners. Guests in the photographs need not be parishioners) All photos must be approved by clergy, parents and godparents before submission to the TLM & Vocations Editor of St. Rita.

    • SPECIAL PROJECTS/EVENTS | (Parish group coordinator must be a parishioner. Guests/Members in the photographs need not be parishioners. ) (ex. Field Trips with clergy/religious/laity: March For Life/Pilgrimages/Retreats/etc.; hosted events/projects by St. Rita +Parish Groups: building projects; meetings; solemnity/feast parties/gatherings; etc.


    • All photos will be posted on their individual websites/social media/year books/etc.



Note: CCC 1024: A baptized male alone receives sacred ordination validly | What are the differences between Religious Orders? - Et Vita Consecrata

CATHOLIC INVITATIONS (Priest & Diaconate Ordinations/Religious(First-Solemn-Perpetual Profession of Vows)) open to the GENERAL PUBLIC, please send to TLM & Vocations Editor of St. Rita ( so announcements can be posted. Send minimum two (2) months to maximum one (1) year ahead. Not all announcements are guaranteed to be posted. Include the following: WHEN/WHERE/WHO/WEBSITE. | Please check Arlington Dioceses for Priest & Diaconate Ordination announcements. Announcements will be posted here at the earliest convenience of the TLM & Vocations Editor of St. Rita :). Thank you for your patience!

Current News: 

If your family and friends follow a Religious Order, please check with the Religious Family of your choice for announcements throughout the year! There are many to choose from! Start your search under Featured Religious Vocations further down this site!





Note: CCC 1024: A baptized male alone receives sacred ordination validly | What are the differences between Religious Orders? - Et Vita Consecrata

MEN: Canons Regular Of Saint John Cantius - Canons Regular Of The New Jerusalem | Carmelite MonksCarthusians | Capuchin Friars | Clear Creek Monks | Discalced Carmelite Friars | Dominican Friars /Saint Dominic's Monastery | Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate - USA | Institute of Christ the King | Jesuit | Knights of the Holy Eucharist | Mount Angel Abbey | Oratorian Vocations - DC Oratorians (Updates on FB) | Ordo Canonicorum Regularium Sanctae Crucis (Order of the Holy Cross) | Order of St. Augustine/OSA | Saint Joseph’s Abbey | Silverstream PriorySolesmes Abbey | Monastero di San Benedetto in Monte (The Monks of Norcia) | Trappists | etc.  

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Office of Marriage, Family and Respect Life / Dedicated Single Life



CATHOLIC INVITATIONS (Priest/Diaconate Ordinations/First-Solemn-Perpetual Profession of Vows) open to the GENERAL PUBLIC, please send to TLM & Vocations Editor of St. Rita ( so announcements can be posted. Send minimum two (2) months to maximum one (1) year ahead. Not all announcements are guaranteed to be posted. Include the following: WHEN/WHERE/WHO/WEBSITE.

A Napa Institute Experience (Year Round) | Catholic Faith Journeys (Year Round) | JMJ Tours (Year Round) | Monastic Experience Weekend at Santa Rita Abbey (Trappistine - Cistercian - USA) May 24-27, 2019 & August 30-September 02, 2019. Women ages 21-40. | Monastic Experience Weekend at New Clairvaux (Trappist - Cistercian/Rule of St. Benedict - USA) May 31-June 02, 2019. Catholic Men ages 18-35. Only 8 seats available. Reserve today! + Wine tasting with New Clairvaux (Trappist - Cistercian/Rule of St. Benedict) June 14-16, 2019. Please RSVP! | Monastic Experience Weekend at St Mary’s in Petersham, Mass., May 31 - June 2 (Benedictine - USA) (NLM) | “Of What Use Is a Changing Catechism?”: Dr Kwasniewski in Chicago, June 14. Details: RORATE CÆLI + To register, call Maureen at 708-352-5834 or use this link. | CMAA Chant Intensive with Jeffrey Morse, June 24-28 (NLM). Late Fee applies after May 15: Registration | Retreats: St. Joseph’s Abbey (Trappists - USA) | Gregorian Chant Workshop: Institute of Christ the King May 3-5, 2019 | Open Pilgrimages/Conferences | A Napa Institute Experience | Catholic Faith Journey | JMJ Tours | Sacred Liturgy Conference: The Living Waters of the Eucharist: May 28-31, 2019, Spokane, Washington; Seminarian Scholarships are available! | Institute of Christ the King Italy Sovereign Priest ORDINATIONS WEEK 2019 Florence, Italy - June 30 - July 08, 2019; Province Pilgrimage Announcement - Application Here | The Liturgical Institute - TRANSFIGURED: Young Adult Liturgy Conference, Mundelein, IL July 12-14. Coverage: Adoremus Bulletin, May 2019 | Notre Dame Priory (Benedictine - Australia) - Men & Women Spiritual Exercise Retreats 2019 Exciting! Australia - June/August 2019 Retreats are now open! USA 2019 retreats: Ohio, Spiritual Center of Maria Stein - Men’s Five (5) Day Retreat: Sunday, September 29 to Friday, October 04, 2019/Women’s Five (5) Day Retreat: Sunday, October 06 to Friday, October 11, 2019! | REMEMBER: The USA deadline is less than two (2) months away! AMCSS Summer Program 2019: USA (Deadline July 15, 2019) - All scholars 18+! | Missed the Italy deadline? Ask for an extension - Italy (Deadline May 1, 2019). Check out Monastero di San Benedetto in Monte, Norcia’s new space… beautiful work! Wonder if they used a drone copter?! | Retreats at Tagatay Community and St. Scholastica’s Center of Spirituality | Opus Sanctorum Angelorum: OA 2019 Silent RetreatsA Day With Mary - "Come to the Throne of Grace" - Franciscans of the Immaculate | Populus Summorum Pontificum - October 25-27, 2019 | Please check with the Arlington Diocese (Vocations), St. Rita Vocations, Parish Weekly Bulletin or TLM HAPPENINGS section further down this site to continue your search - Thank you! Gracias!


If by age 30-35, you still don’t know what your vocation is yet (exceptions may be for anyone who comes into the church late in life)… then spend more time in prayer; help out with CCD (make sure you’re VIRTUS trained)/RCIA if needed; do a little more spiritual/corporal works of mercy… instead of partying, playing poker, etc. so much. Why not turn those parties, poker games, etc. for the good of others instead of the self? If you’re constantly serving others and need to pull back… do so! Let someone else roll up their sleeves once in awhile and help clean up the Church. Those who are listening carefully to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and Mary as to what he/she is suppose to do with his/her life, will come forward. Be sure it is not the Devil himself/his demons that you are listening to. Find a good Catholic Spiritual Director and Confessor. Reach out to your home parish priest(s) first and then branch out if you need to. Be patient with yourself and others… it takes time and effort to find a match for yourself/family. Remember St. Teresa of Avila’s experience. If needed, there are many good books from the party-bus Saints/Blesseds - St. Francis De Sales/St. John Bosco/St. Teresa of Avila/St. Faustina/St. Augustine/Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati/JPII/etc. Many Saints-to-be will experience life lessons that will never be found in a book, film, website, journal, blog, etc. until they’ve passed through this life. Don’t waste a day of your youth/calling… find your balance!

Please contact the Parish Rectory Office to speak to Pastor, Rev. Daniel N. Gee, Parochial Vicar, Rev. Vincent P. Bork - (703) 836-1640 or contact Fr. Michael Isenberg, Director of Office of Vocations - Spiritual Direction - / 703-841-2514



Called To Serve: An Interview With Fr. Gee and Fr. Bork About the Vocation to the Priesthood | November 2013, Volume II, Issue 10. 

Meet St. Rita's Permanent Deacon | August-September 2015, Volume IV, Issue 5. 


Father Karol Nedza | Fr. Karol Nedza received Holy Orders in 2015 in the Diocese of Sosmowiec, Poland. He will be with St. Rita for the next three years and plans to study at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Washington, D.C.

Meet Fr. Marcin Krycki | 2013, Volume II, Issue 2. Meet Fr. Marcin Krycki

SAINT RITA'S HISTORY OF VOCATIONS Courtesy of the Arlington Diocese 

  • Fr. Robert Rippy – ord. 1984

  • Fr. Mark Moretti – ord. 1995

  • Fr. Andrew Fisher – ord. 1998

  • Fr. Scott Sina – ord. 2014

(NOTE: History dates back only to 1974 when Arlington became its own diocese.) 


The St Rita Vocations Crucifix has been touched to a first class relic of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. John Neumann, and housed in a beautiful wooden case handcrafted by St. Rita Parishioner, John McLaughlin at the request of Fr. Donahue.  Hosting the Crucifix in your home for a week involves just a few daily prayers. THANK YOU (GRACIAS) FOR PRAYING!

Contact | Robert Manaker or


Please submit your gift of prayer (Individual/Family name noted as: living/deceased(+)) for the O.L.O.G Prayer Tin at the Russell Road Vestibule by the end of each month! Prayers will be posted on this webpage and prayed in the following month. Please write clearly! Prayers that are not legible and noted with no Individual/Family name will not be posted or prayed for! Thank you!/Gracias!

JUNE 2019 GIFTS | 1 Decade - The Holy Rosary - 30 days | 1 Decade - Divine Mercy Chaplet - 30 Days | 3 Candles (Clergy/Religious/Laity) | 3 Holy Hours (Clergy/Religious/Laity) | 5 (D) Office (Latin) + 2 (L) Hours (Latin + English/French/Italian/etc.) = 7

  • PRAY FOR GOD's HOLY WILL for more holy men, women, boys & girls in formation and for those who continue to remain faithful! - Seminarians(Men), Priests(Men), Deacons(Men), All Consecrated Religious (Men & Women), Single (Men & Women), Married/Widowed (Man & Woman) and Children (Boys & Girls)! THANK YOU (GRACIAS) FOR PRAYING!

  • GIFTS OF PRAYER GUADALUPE TIN (June) | God’s will for: Juara Rose Sequeira; Esperanza (+)

  • THE EASTER CYCLE - Silent Cycling for all vocations! Welcome back to all veterans… please remain humble. Here’s to 100+ more miles! Click those heals three (3) times to a peaceful slow/quick ride home to heaven! | If you’re new… as always, please wait off road until Advent. The climbs are gonna be rough… and the descend… gloriously dangerous! Pray for everyone!

    • Second Stage: Eastertide | Third Stage: Season After Pentecost  (note: stages may be adjusted to either O.F./E.F. schedule)

    • Simple Rules: Rise early and focus on prayers suited to your vocation (ex. 30min. - 1hr. of focused prayer = 30min. - 1hr. of pedaling ) (if in doubt, consulting a trusted spiritual director of your spiritual game plan is strongly recommended!) | Rest well (ex. at least 7-9 hrs. of sleep (18+ adults)/8-15hrs. (PreK-12th Grade level kids) | Choose healthier meals/portions | Follow the rules of the road (especially God's Rules) | If new… learn your ride (equipment/materials) backwards & forwards before saddling up and joining during Advent/Lent! | Learn your route backwards & forwards; know it by heart | Cell phones off unless you're using it for a map, emergency phone calls, or tracking milage/distance. Carry a paper map, compass and light if you need to. You may also note where the sun rises and sets to guide you home if you lose any of the above. | Complete your ride(s) in/outdoors before dark! | During the Season of Lent and Advent no Alcohol is permitted unless it is Season of Septuagesima (last three (3) weeks before Ash Wednesday)/Sunday/Solemnity/Feast (check the State & City Laws of your route). Orders may be made and enjoyed at the end of the Season. Your profession requires drinking or you gave in and had a sip? Cycle, row, run, etc. on your day(s) off. For every sip, recite the entire Holy Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries) and the Divine Mercy chaplet slowly after one of the Hours of (D) Office + (L) Hours/AM Mass (in/out of community) in perfect plank position/on your knees on non-cushioned floor/ground. This is separate from reciting the Penitential Psalms. This should help you be a bit stronger in fighting those temptations. | Notes from the previous Christmas and Easter Cycles should be applied to current stages as needed; Additional notes may be added or dropped through the cycle/stages.

      • Note 1 (Eastertide): As always, follow His lead (The Holy Spirit). Joseph, Mary, Guardian Angels and your Saint(s) will be right behind you to help you push out the darkness and ride towards the light! Keep your prayer life light and simple (it is an endless battle sometimes… don’t give up / give in to your temptations)! Fast praying is useless if you're distracted and stumbling in between. You may not notice, but others will! It is possible, but takes practice and focus. If you need motivation before or after check out: The Monks of Norcia - Benedicta | The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles - Music | All Dominican House of Studies (OPEast) music, etc. | For quick rides… highly recommend Abbaye Du Barroux for motivation. | Choose music appropriate for the prayer season and not anti-Catholic/Christian... | Bring a book/journal/hammock with you on those long days! | Stay hydrated! | Also, please do not go inside a Church/Mass with your gear... cover up and change before!

        • Books: Check out Catholic Presses/Bookstores, St. Rita Parish/School Library, TLM mt., book Lists from seminaries/abbeys/convents/monasteries or a local bookstore near you (try riding your bike there!): Angelus Press / Caritas Press / Biretta Books / Ignatious Press / Loreto Publications / Tan Books / Magnificat

        • Note 1a(Eastertide): You may opt to just read the daily scriptures and listen carefully at Sunday/Daily Mass. (ex. Lectio Devina (Magnificat meditations (N.O.); LECTIO DIVINA English / En Español - (N.O.); LECTIO DIVINA NOTES - Saints Shall/Will Arise (Traditional Benedictine Office); TLM further reading). If you are listening and reading well… the rides can be absolutely amazing! That said, there will also be days where it’s probably best to stay inside!

        • Note 1b(Eastertide): As always, timely breathing, focus, healthy meals and plenty of sleep (spiritual and physical) are keys to getting through the very long Easter Cycle (doesn’t end until November). The bigger your family/community/team… the harder it becomes. For every stumble… think of it as added weight (venial sin) - a small pebble added to your journey. Drop it as soon as you recognize this tiny sin… a good teacher/family/ friend/good samaritan will point it out if you don’t recognize it at first. Your enemies (anyone against Christ) will continue to cheer you on! If you accumulate too many pebbles… your journey can stop at an instant (mortal sin). Before before receiving communion at any Sunday/Daily Mass… you must drop the pebble(s) through reconciliation (actual confession and/or examination of conscience at the middle/end of your day). Put the sin/near occasion of it behind you… let it go! Refrain from receiving communion… practice spiritual communion instead until you are able to go to confession.

      • Note 2 (Eastertide): Cell phones off unless you're using it for a map, emergency phone calls, or tracking milage/distance. Up to two (2) pictures per ride are allowed if you’re including it in your journal. Carry a paper map if you need to.

        • Note 2b (Eastertide): Do not waste your prayer time (morning/midday/evening). Musicians and singers understand this when attending rehearsals/lessons. Never warm up at either occasion… come prepared… warm up before. For athletes a warm up is at least 3-5 miles. Add additional time 10-20minutes whatever is needed before and after you pray - attend Mass, (D) Office - (L) Hours in private devotion/community, Eucharistic Adoration, praying the Holy Rosary/Divine Mercy Chaplet, etc. Do not waste your time or your teacher’s - Our Lord, Jesus’ - valuable time! Apply this through your journey cycling, rowing, running, hiking, walking, etc. whether its 10min-6hrs+.

      • Note 3 (Eastertide): Just because you know the rules of the road (includes God's rule of life), doesn't mean the other person on the road with you does. Be an example; teach by example; hold your temper or you'll find yourself in confession more than you want to be and dropped from the cycle. Remain in His peace... remember His falls and His mercy...

      • Note 4 (Eastertide): Sometimes it's just a ride; nothing more (ex. if you hear a hsssss… it could just be a slow release… a hole inside one of your tubes (inside the wheel) that needs to be repaired ASAP… carry spares and know where the closest bike/car repair shop is on your route!). There may be days when you will never be able to explain what happened! Trust in Him and Mary's intercession always!

      • Note 5 (Eastertide): For the folks who are cross-training and prefer to continue walking, hiking, running, swimming, rowing, skiing, sparring, etc. or resting… you may! If you are running, please consider supporting the Arlington Diocese's Support Our Seminarians Race / Catholic Sports/NVJCYO event(s). Volunteers must be VIRTUS trained.

      • Note 6 (Eastertide): Try not to worry too much! | Don't rush (unless you're a falling expert and can get back on the saddle without a scratch!) - take your time - this is your journey with team Jesus, Mary, Joseph, saints and guardian angels! Didn’t add a Saint to your team at the beginning of the liturgical year? Check Saint's Name Generator.

      • Note 7 (Eastertide): Pick at least one trustworthy person (ex. spiritual director, husband/wife, (grand)father/(grand)mother, (grand)son/(grand)daughter, sibling, best friend, etc.) who knows you well and will hold you accountable to complete your specialized cycle (See Note 1b above)! You don't have to ride together... just check-in and have a plan on how you will do that! Remember the Holy Family, Saints and Guardian Angels know when you break a rule! Don't go throughThe Easter Cycle alone!

        • Note 7a (Eastertide): If you are having trouble with trust… definitely meditate on the Holy Rosary/Divine Mercy Chaplet/Lectio Divina slowly before/in between your rides. Try riding with one or more of the following: clips (cycling shoes), without a helmet (unless your city/state law requires helmets)… ride on tougher roads (sand, ice, mud, grass, etc.). Remember, Satan and his little army of demons may dangle temptations in front of you, but they never make you do anything… free will. Let the Holy Spirit, Mary and your guardian(archangels) fight your battles during these times! The little devil may always be at Her heal… but she always crushes him(them) at the end of the road with just one (1)Hail Mary! Be sure to wear/carry the Miraculous Medal/Our Lady…/etc.. For those who have a devotion to St. Benedict… wear/carry his medal and have the Vade Retro, Satana! (Begone(Away), Satan!)… words memorized. Have trouble memorizing/remembering? Pray the Memorare.

      • Note 8 (Eastertide): Keep a written/photo/video/etc. journal of your journey. It's your choice to share it/not… (If you’re under 18… sorry but your parents will decide for you!)

      • Note 9 (Eastertide): If you choose to ride solo (pray to the hermit saints!) and are at peace on your own, then continue in that direction. Every time you pass someone/someone passes you on the road... slow down/stop and say a little prayer of thanksgiving that you're not really alone! Try fencing, rock climbing, canoeing, gardening, ice/fly fishing, etc. 

      • Note 10 (Eastertide): Remember rest in this ride doesn’t mean stop. Rest means to slow down or switch gears for a little while… caboose if needed. Everyone takes a turn leading… there’s no hiding! Normal rest as in 7-9 hrs. of sleep is permitted between the hours of 8PM - 5AM (siestas are fine as needed). Sleep earlier if you have to be up for Matins. Again, you’ll need to conserve all that energy to endure the suffering of Lent and to make it to the end of the mysterious road to redemption of the Easter Cycle!

      • Note 11 (Eastertide): Moms who are expecting… remember your drop date. Get clearance from your husband and from your Drs.! It sucks, but yes… keep baby safe! Open those windows and ride stationary or just relax!


If you would like to submit a Mass Intention at St. Rita, please submit your intentions w/donation to the Parish Rectory Office by calling (703) 836-1640. Ask about Parish Giving to submit donations online.  Mass intentions will appear in the Parish Weekly Bulletin. Donations may also go directly to a specific Seminarian or through other Vocation Programs in the Arlington Diocese. If you would like to make a Prayer Request and offer a donation to a Religious Family of your choice, please see religious families below. Note, these are just a few of many Religious Families in the U.S.A and throughout the world!

Corpus Christi Mass and Procession 2016 | / THANK YOU to everyone who participated and assisted in planning out this Sacred Tradition!  

(The Mass , Procession, and selection of photographs and video from Corpus Christi 2015 were made possible by our devoted Saint Rita clergy, altar servers, Sacred Music staff & volunteers, ushers, parishioners, and guests.) 

(The private collection of photographs and video from the mid 40's, late 50's and early 60's are owned by Saint Rita Parish and School. Please contact Saint Rita School to view the entire collection. For more history, please check Illustrated History of Saint Rita Parish.