Saint Rita Catholic Church

Saint Rita, come to my aid! Beautiful rose born from the Savior’s thorns, Lead me far from anger and hate; Guide my heart on peaceful paths with charity to all.

Since 1914, our parish has served the spiritual needs of this Alexandria, Virginia, community. Please join us, as together we worship God and grow in love for one another under the protection of our patroness, Saint Rita of Cascia.

Saint Rita Parish Respect Life Group

WE ARE A PEOPLE OF LIFE, AND A PEOPLE FOR LIFE. Our mission is to make the respect life message live in the hearts and actions of all Saint Rita parishioners. Restoring respect for human life at all stages from initial conception to natural death is our goal. Our program embraces the four foundational aspects of this task, namely: prayer, education, action, and sacrifice.

One major focus is our monthly Respect Life Mass celebrated on the fourth Saturday of each month followed by Holy Rosary prayer at the Duke Street Alexandria abortion facility where we pray in order to:

  1. ask for Divine assistance in the struggle to establish appropriate respect for life and to eliminate abuses against human life;

  2. be a public example to our neighbors, abortion clients, abortionists, and abortion facility employees that abortion is truly an evil which terminates human lives and needs to be remedied;

  3. offer arriving abortion clients one last opportunity to change their minds; and

  4. make known to abortion clients that both a support ministry and a healing ministry are available for them so that they can have their child.

The schedule for the upcoming Monthly Respect Life Mass at 8 a.m. on the fourth Saturday of each month:


    October 26
November 23   December 28

Pray the Holy Rosary following Mass at the Duke Street abortion facility. For directions to the abortion facility, click here.


The St. Rita Parish Respect Life Group sponsors a variety of parish-wide activities designed to help restore respect for all human life—from the moment of conception until the natural end. Daily, we face threats to life—from abortion and contraception and cloning, to euthanasia and assisted suicide, sex trafficking and infertility, caring for each other and all our loved ones even unto death, to terrorism and war and murder.

The Second Look Project has prepared an informative full-color chart detailing the growth in the womb of a new baby. Click here to view the chart. For more information go to

Learn more about Respect Life, check out these web sites:

Please consider adding A Prayer For Life to your daily devotions.

For information, contact Ismelda Severdia, or Parish Rectory & Office : (703) 836-1640.