Saint Rita Catholic Church

Saint Rita, come to my aid! Beautiful rose born from the Savior’s thorns, Lead me far from anger and hate; Guide my heart on peaceful paths with charity to all.

Since 1914, our parish has served the spiritual needs of this Alexandria, Virginia, community. Please join us, as together we worship God and grow in love for one another under the protection of our patroness, Saint Rita of Cascia.


This ministry consists of men and women who read the Word of God during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass during Sunday liturgy, Monday evening Novena/Mass, and Holy Day Masses. Training, if necessary, will be provided.

Please leave your name and number with the parish secretary at 703-836-1640 and the coordinator, Frank Donahoe, will contact you.

Lectors’ Schedule


Date Mass First Reading Second Reading
Sat, Jul. 22 5:00pm Kelly Cruz Mark Filpi
Sun, Jul. 23 7:15am Muriel Laliberte Dave Koman
Sun, Jul. 23 8:15am Gabriella Smyth Mike Tamara
Sun, Jul. 23 11:00am Helen Agbapuruonwu Lance Barry
Mon, Jul. 24 7:30pm Mike Tamara
Sat, Jul. 29 5:00pm Pat McGrath Jennifer Beiro-Reveille
Sun, Jul. 30 7:15am Dan McClafferty Brenda Taylor
Sun, Jul. 30 8:15am Kim Dismuke Annette Wietecha
Sun, Jul. 30 11:00am Rocco Carlitti Renuka Carlitti
Mon, Jul. 31 7:30pm Frank Donahoe


Date Mass First Reading Second Reading
Sat, Aug. 5 5:00pm Kathleen Sack Gilly D'Sylva
Sun, Aug. 6 7:15am Frank Donahoe Nick Nalli
Sun, Aug. 6 8:15am Austin Roberts Mark Filpi
Sun, Aug. 6 11:00am Lance Barry Matt Godbey
Mon, Aug. 7 7:30pm Renuka Carlitti
Sat, Aug. 12 5:00pm Janene Bikus Kim Dismuke
Sun, Aug. 13 7:15am Dave Koman Bill Kountz
Sun, Aug. 13 8:15am Mike Tamara Kelly Cruz
Sun, Aug. 13 11:00am Penny Toniolli Matthew Ouimet
Mon, Aug. 14 7:30pm Kathleen Sack Kevin Schweers
Sat, Aug. 19 5:00pm Jennifer Beiro-Reveille Dan McClafferty
Sun, Aug. 20 7:15am Brenda Taylor Nick Nalli
Sun, Aug. 20 8:15am Annette Wietecha Gabriella Smyth
Sun, Aug. 20 11:00am Renuka Carlitti Rocco Carlitti
Mon, Aug. 21 7:30pm Muriel Laliberte
Sat, Aug. 26 5:00pm Kathleen Sack Keith Green
Sun, Aug. 27 7:15am Kevin Schweers Bill Kountz
Sun, Aug. 27 8:15am Penny Toniolli Austin Roberts
Sun, Aug. 27 11:00am Matthew Ouimet Helen Agbapuruonwu
Mon, Aug. 28 7:30pm Pat McGrath


Date Mass First Reading Second Reading
Sat, Sep. 2 5:00pm Matt Godbey Kelly Cruz
Sun, Sep. 3 7:15am Muriel Laliberte Frank Donahoe
Sun, Sep. 3 8:15am Kevin Schweers Annette Wietecha
Sun, Sep. 3 11:00am Penny Toniolli Lance Barry
Mon, Sep. 4 7:30pm Gilly D’Sylva
Sat, Sep. 9 5:00pm Gilly D’Sylva Pat McGrath
Sun, Sep. 10 7:15am Dan McClafferty Dave Koman
Sun, Sep. 10 8:15am Kim Dismuke Mark Filpi
Sun, Sep. 10 11:00am Matt Godbey Matthew Ouimet
Mon, Sep. 11 7:30pm Brenda Taylor
Sun, Sep. 17 7:15am Nick Nalli Brenda Taylor
Sun, Sep. 17 8:15am Austin Roberts Gabriella Smyth
Sun, Sep. 17 11:00am Rocco Carlitti Renuka Carlitti
Mon, Sep. 18 7:30pm Muriel Laliberte
Sat, Sep. 23 5:00pm Mark Filpi Dan McClafferty
Sun, Sep. 24 7:15am Kim Dismuke Pat McGrath
Sun, Sep. 24 8:15am Kelly Cruz Bill Kountz
Sun, Sep. 24 11:00am Helen Agbapuruonwu Matthew Ouimet
Mon, Sep. 25 7:30pm Austin Roberts
Sat, Sep. 30 5:00pm Gilly D’Sylva Kathleen Sack
Sun, Oct. 1 7:15am Dave Koman Frank Donahoe
Sun, Oct. 1 8:15am Annette Wietecha Gabriella Smyth
Sun, Oct. 1 11:00am Lance Barry Keith Green
Mon, Oct. 2 7:30pm Mike Tamara