Saint Rita Catholic Church

Saint Rita, come to my aid! Beautiful rose born from the Savior’s thorns, Lead me far from anger and hate; Guide my heart on peaceful paths with charity to all.

Since 1914, our parish has served the spiritual needs of this Alexandria, Virginia, community. Please join us, as together we worship God and grow in love for one another under the protection of our patroness, Saint Rita of Cascia.


Our Mission under the guidance of St. Rita of Cascia is to inspire spiritual and faith formation of all women, regardless of what stage of life she is in, and encourage action and unification through:

  • communal prayer;

  • fellowship & hospitality;

  • service; and

  • spiritual development.

We hope to share both common and differing experiences of being spiritual-seeking women.  In doing so, we pray that women will be able to grow in holiness together, become closer to God and understand the spiritual journey that He has intended for each of us to take with Him!

Book: The Precious Pearl / Life of St. Rita | Please check our St. Rita Parish Library for other versions

Movie: FORMED | Please check with the St. Rita Parish Rectory Office for code. 

Women/Young Adult/T(w)een Girls' Groups at St. Rita include:

Mothers'groups (Grandmas and caregivers are welcome too!) include:

Not quite the women/young adult/girl t(w)een groups that you are looking for? No worries! Pray about it and then check our vestibules, links below or simply ask Pastor, Fr. Daniel N. Gee - and members of the St. Rita family:

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